[Mailman-Users] Not able to mail or web server from the Mailman host - another idea?

Heath Raftery hraftery at myrealbox.com
Sun May 4 07:38:54 CEST 2003

Hey folks,

A Mailman newbie here, wondering if my scenario is workable. I've got 
Mailman 2.1.1 running well on Mac OS X 10.2. Unfortunately, while I can 
serve to the local network, I cannot mail or web serve to the greater 
Internet, despite having a routable address there are firewall 
restrictions I have no control over.

I've got sendmail using a "smart host" successfully, so Mailman sends 
its emails to the the Internet fine. I was considering using fetchmail 
to receive emails, but have now discovered that by default, Mailman 
sets up mailing lists with some 10 aliases for different tasks. It is a 
little silly for me to sign up for another 10 email accounts for every 
list I create (even if I only create 3 or so).

Perhaps Majordomo or something else would be more suited to this, but I 
was wondering, since most subscribing and unsubscribing will be done 
with email commands (since I can't web serve from this computer), if 
instead of having different email addresses for different tasks, the 
tasks are described by commands in emails to an "admin" address.

Is anyone aware of a setup which might suit my situation?

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