[Mailman-Users] Mailman-fetchmail-exim using ISP + hosted domain

Gerald V. Livingston II debuser at sysmatrix.net
Sun May 4 20:56:28 CEST 2003

OK -- I've been reading doc/ directories, googling, and reading archives
for 10 or 12 hours now. Let's see if someone here can point me in the right
direction to get my convoluted set up working the way I want it to.

General info:

Connection to net -- cable modem -- dynamic IP (that seldom changes)

primary email addresses through the ISP that I work for (started as

outbound mail using Exim SMARTHOST setup through that same ISP rather than
direct delivery <-- I set it up this way when I was dial-up and left it
when I changed my connection to RoadRunner

I also own 3 domain names that are hosted ELSEWHERE and I have only POP
access to those email boxes

I want to use one of my own domains for my Mailman lists. I have direct
control over creating email addresses at that domain and I can create
unlimited addresses/aliases there. The host is using PLESK and doesn't want
to install Mailman on the servers (and PLESK lacks a true list manager).
One of my other domains is hosted on a Cobalt RaQ server with majordomo
installed but it gets REALLY upset with my AOL/MSN friends that send HTML
by default <ick -- HTML email>.

I'm not yet prepared to get a static IP and have an MX record pointed at my
home machine (no UPS and I keep re-arranging hardware, going down for days
sometimes). These will be private friend/family lists so downtime is
acceptable to me but if it were a production MX server that would have to

So, essentially, my machine has no valid FQDN. All outbound mail currently
goes through $MYISP and I want to use fetchmail+Mailman to host lists with
addresses at $MYDOMAIN (which is not equal to $MYISP).

I've probably overlooked something in the documentation. Or I'm making it
more difficult that it really is and a stock Mailman setup *should* work OK
because the lists themselves will be all using a single domain (no virtual
setup needed). But, if someone could point me in the right direction I
would be grateful.

Will I need to have "synchronised" email addresses at $MYDOMAIN and on
$HOME_MACHINE (ie. for every list/list-admin/list-user address set up in
Mailman here will I need a corresponding email address at the other end or
do I set up a single address there with aliases and use procmail here to
sort them out?)?

Ideas anyone?



Gerald V. Livingston II

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