[Mailman-Users] Mailman-fetchmail-exim using ISP + hosted domain

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Mon May 5 01:46:40 CEST 2003

As I was reading your email I was thinking: fetchmail and replicated
email aliases and a simple install of Mailman on your box.

If the remote domain that you are going to use is foo.bar.com, then you
will install your mailman to use foo.bar.com so that the mails come out
hosted properly (and return mail goes to your real pop client).  Will
your forwarding server allow you to send out mail from user at foo.bar.com?

<Aside: I've set-up a couple of Mailman installs that do something
similar, and I like to put an entry into the /etc/hosts file like:   localhost  localhost.localdomain  localhost.foo.bar.com
This lets me install Mailman easily with values it can handle - and I
don't have to worry about doing any weird work-arounds to get things
working (even though I don't have a FQDN).  Plus a lot of DNS admins
will set "localhost.foo.bar.com" to>

You'll have to setup the generated Mailman aliases locally and at the
remote site.  Then set fetchmail to pull the mail for each alias from
the remote site and deliver it locally.  Exim will then run as your
"outbound" MTA.

If you want folks to get to the website, then you will have to register
your server at a dynamic IP service, and then modify the messages sent
out by the server, as well as the web-sites advertised on the Listinfo

Sounds like you have already thought this through. Good Luck,

Jon Carnes

On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 14:56, Gerald V. Livingston II wrote:
> OK -- I've been reading doc/ directories, googling, and reading archives
> for 10 or 12 hours now. Let's see if someone here can point me in the right
> direction to get my convoluted set up working the way I want it to.
> General info:
> Connection to net -- cable modem -- dynamic IP (that seldom changes)
> primary email addresses through the ISP that I work for (started as
> customer)
> outbound mail using Exim SMARTHOST setup through that same ISP rather than
> direct delivery <-- I set it up this way when I was dial-up and left it
> when I changed my connection to RoadRunner
> I also own 3 domain names that are hosted ELSEWHERE and I have only POP
> access to those email boxes
> I want to use one of my own domains for my Mailman lists. I have direct
> control over creating email addresses at that domain and I can create
> unlimited addresses/aliases there. The host is using PLESK and doesn't want
> to install Mailman on the servers (and PLESK lacks a true list manager).
> One of my other domains is hosted on a Cobalt RaQ server with majordomo
> installed but it gets REALLY upset with my AOL/MSN friends that send HTML
> by default <ick -- HTML email>.
> I'm not yet prepared to get a static IP and have an MX record pointed at my
> home machine (no UPS and I keep re-arranging hardware, going down for days
> sometimes). These will be private friend/family lists so downtime is
> acceptable to me but if it were a production MX server that would have to
> change.
> So, essentially, my machine has no valid FQDN. All outbound mail currently
> goes through $MYISP and I want to use fetchmail+Mailman to host lists with
> addresses at $MYDOMAIN (which is not equal to $MYISP).
> I've probably overlooked something in the documentation. Or I'm making it
> more difficult that it really is and a stock Mailman setup *should* work OK
> because the lists themselves will be all using a single domain (no virtual
> setup needed). But, if someone could point me in the right direction I
> would be grateful.
> Will I need to have "synchronised" email addresses at $MYDOMAIN and on
> $HOME_MACHINE (ie. for every list/list-admin/list-user address set up in
> Mailman here will I need a corresponding email address at the other end or
> do I set up a single address there with aliases and use procmail here to
> sort them out?)?
> Ideas anyone?
> TIA,
> G

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