[Mailman-Users] Hotmail problem with Mailman 2.1.2

Sylvain Langlade sylvain at adv-informatique.fr
Tue May 6 15:58:40 CEST 2003

When you send a HTML message, in the same email there should be a text/html
version with all the fancy stuff and a second text/plain version for email
client that can't deal with HTML. IIRC, mailman "convert" messages by
stripping the text/html version and keeping the text/plain one.

Hotmail messages are text/html only, which means there is no text/plain
version. When dealing with such a text/html only message, you end up with
something full of emptiness.

The only solution is to not use webmail client like Hotmail... Or have a
html/plain converter included in a future Mailman release!

> Since upgrading to Mailman 2.1.2, messages from Hotmail users
> appear empty
> on my lists.
> I have Content filtering configured to convert text/html to
> text/plain, and
> it seems to be stripping out the content of the messages.
> Any ideas (short of disabling Content Filtering)?

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