[Mailman-Users] HELP!!! Removing WebArchive Messages?

erecio at polywog.navpoint.com erecio at polywog.navpoint.com
Tue May 13 23:54:36 CEST 2003

HELP! I don't want to screw up the produciton server, which is the reason 
why I am sending this email attempting to confirm that the following won't 
mess up production!!!! This means that I will not be able to move forward 
with mailman in production for our major (30,000 user) school lists unless 
I get an answer soon!!!!

Do you know how to remove web archive messages? Is there a way to do 
it from teh web interface, or using commandline tools? I would rather have
our clients be able to do that themselves, but if necessary I'll do it for
them on request (i don't want to give them shell access on our primary web

I'd be tempted to just remove the HTML file, but it may come back, and 
wanted to make sure that it won't break anything else.


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