[Mailman-Users] still having difficulty: this time for responses

Gabe N. Rubin GRubin at ccianet.org
Thu May 15 00:22:32 CEST 2003

I have solved my previous problem by adding "list" to the trusted_users of 
exim, but still am having difficulties.

People could sign up and receive a confirmation notice.  If they follow 
the link, it would make them a subscriber.  However, if they emailed back, 
it would not.  I was getting an email from cron telling me this:

2003-05-14 17:23:01 19G3ga-0007Sf-00 Neither the system_aliases director 
nor the address_pipe transport set a uid for local delivery of 
|/var/lib/mailman/mail/mailman request osaia

After searching google groups, i came accross with similar problems, and 
followed the directions here: http://www.exim.org/howto/mailman.html by 
cutting and pasting those exact lines in there.  However, this makes 
matters worse, as now it does not send any acknowledgment when someone 
tries to sign-up, much less let them confirm their subscription.  I know 
there is no /home/mailman on my system, and that is one of the lines added 
to the exim file (MAILMAN_HOME=/home/mailman) 

I am pretty stumped here.  I have tried taking the stuff out of the 
/etc/aliases file and leaving it in.  Neither works.  I have no idea what 
I am doing wrong here, and it is frustrating me a bit.  Hopefully someome 
can help!


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