[Mailman-Users] Mailman working with Postfix, but not with Sendmail

Roy Santos roy_santos at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 06:43:52 CEST 2003

After I finally got Mailman working perfectly with
Postfix, the boss was interested in using Sendmail as
he is more comfortable with Sendmail and apparently
doesn't want to learn new tricks. Now from the
original readme files I gathered that Postfix was the
preferred program as it created automatic aliases
while Sendmail required user intervention.

I found the thread
which uses the Python implementation. This is pretty
much the issue I have. I visited the site, downloaded
the patch #644810, read the readme.mailer file, and
installed it. Unfortunately, I'm still not working
correctly with Sendmail.

One thing I'm that was a bit confusing was the patch
file. It apparently had the readme, new mailman.mc and
patch all contained. I had trouble following how to
extract the proto.m4.patch. I've been away from open
software for a while. I couldn't follow what the + and
- was trying to tell me. I could use a little more
info regarding that.

So Mailman list creation either manually or via http
works fine. Archiving mail via Pipermail works as
well. But when I send email to the newly created
lists, mail goes into a blackhole which tells me that
it's not getting to the mm-handler script. No errors
in the maillog.

I would appreciate some pointers.

I am running Redhat 8.0, the host is not the email
domain, and Sendmail version Reply if you
need more information.

Thanks in advance,


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