[Mailman-Users] setting posting privileges

Gaurav Pathak gaurav.p at directi.com
Sat May 17 15:18:53 CEST 2003


I am trying to set posting privileges for one of the lists that I have
created in mailman.
I want the following:
1) The members of the lists are allowed to post to the list without
2) All the users having the domain as mycompany.com in their email
address should be able to post without approval.
3) Rest should go to moderator for apporoval.
I go to Privacy Options and do the following:
Set "Restrict posting privilege to list members? (member_posting_only)"
to Yes.

The problem is that I have to add all the non subscribers who are
allowed to post without approval individually. I cannot add something
like .*@mycompany.com.
Is there any method by which I can grant all email address of
particualar domain the ability to send mail without approval of

Thanks in Advance

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