[Mailman-Users] Mailman being -very- slow

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sun May 25 19:27:54 CEST 2003

On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 23:56, Dan Wright US2002021042 wrote:
> Can anyone help?

You may simply need more RAM, but try this first - a message from the

This is the one big problem with running a non-optimized MTA and is the
reason I (and so many others) moved over to Postfix.

Try setting SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 5 in the ~mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py file

   # Ceiling on the number of recipients that
   # can be specified in a single SMTP
   # transaction.  Set to 0 to submit the
   # entire recipient list in one
   # transaction.  Only used with the SMTPDirect
   # SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 500

I have advocated this setting for Sendmail folks for a long time now.
Let us know if it works for you!

Jon Carnes

BTW, there is a timing section in your Sendmail.cf file.  You can adjust
the various time-outs used by Sendmail in this section (be sure to
backup your sendmail.cf file first!).  Before I moved my systems over to
Postfix, I used to tweak these settings to get the maximum performance
out of Sendmail.

Here are some settings that might be of interest to you:

  O Timeout.iconnect=5m
  # It waits 5 minutes for the initial connect!!!
  # Definitely change this. Try something like 5 seconds
  # If it fails the initial connect it moves the host to
  # the end of queue, then users the more generic
  # "Timeout.connect" value.
     O Timeout.iconnect=5s

  O Timeout.helo=5m
  # It waits 5 minutes before giving up on a "helo"!!!
  # Even if the host is doing a DNS/RBL look up on you,
  # it shouldn't take 5 minutes (though the RFC calls
  # for 5 minutes here)
  O Timeout.mail=10m
  # It waits 10 minutes before giving up on passing off a email!!!
  # The RFC minimum is 5 minutes for this.  I think even that is
  # too long
Remember to stop and restart Sendmail if you make a change to
/etc/sendmail.cf (or /etc/mail/sendmail.cf).

Here is a web-page with more info on the Sendmail.cf file:

I wrote this for a class I teach on setting up Mail-services for 
corporate or personal use. 


HtH - Jon Carnes

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