[Mailman-Users] Custom Headers?

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Fri Oct 3 04:22:09 CEST 2003

At 10:12 AM -0400 2/10/03, Jon Carnes wrote:
>On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 03:09, David Cake wrote:
>>	I'd like to just add a completely new custom header (in this
>>  case, an X-Comment) to a mailing list. Is there any easy way to do
>>  this with mailman? If not, does anyone have suggestions for how to do
>>  this using procmail, sendmail configuration, or similar?
>>	Cheers
>>		David
>>  PS apologies for posting the same question to this list and the LO
>>  list, I just realised it would be more appropriate here.
>This is actually pretty trivial to do. You can even get by without
>learning Python (well, you'll need to know just a smidgen - but there
>are plenty of examples in Mailman's code).
><This is also discussed quite thoroughly in the archives!>
>from ~mailman/Mailman do a grep looking for one of the current headers:
>   grep X-List */*
>This will show you every file that handles the X-List headers. You
>probably just want to edit ~mailman/Mailman/Handlers/CookHeaders.py and
>add your own.  You might want to put in a check that only adds the
>header to a specific list.

	OK, doesn't look too hard. Not exactly the answer I was 
looking for. A bit of a maintainability nightmare (I assume this 
means redo it everytime mailman is updated), but c'est la vie.
	Is there any reason this feature is not built into mailman?


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