[Mailman-Users] List users get a 'rejected' error, but the messages are posted

pod pod at fisica.urbenalia.com
Fri Oct 3 21:18:08 CEST 2003

Jon Carnes escribió:
> Ah-Ha!
> Sounds like you have a mailman list subscribed to *your* list.  Take a
> look at your list membership and see if one of the subscribed emails is
> going back to the server. 
> Happy hunting!
> Jon Carnes

I manually send a mail to every subscriber of the list, and I didn't get 
the same error, so it seems that there is no a list subscribed to my list.

I also looked at the lists in the subdomain es.urbenalia.com (where 
errors come from, instead of my subdomain fisica.urbenalia.com) and 
there wasn't any list created. Is "Mailman site list 
<mailman.es.urbenalia.com>" an internal list?

I think that the answer could be the other possibility that you 
mentioned in the first message, an error with aliases. I told that to 
the admin, and he promised to me that next monday he'll try to fix it. 
What kind of error can cause this false rejections from another subdomain?

Thank you a lot for your help,

Be happy ;)

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