[Mailman-Users] affecting "public" name of list

Will Yardley william+mm at hq.newdream.net
Sat Oct 4 00:38:45 CEST 2003

Is it possible to change the "public" email address of a list (that
reported in the rfc2369 headers, message footers, etc.) while
maintaining a different name internally? Would there be any obvious
problems I'm missing with such a feature?

For our virtually hosted lists, we need independent namespaces on a
per-domain basis. This isn't really something that Mailman currently
handles AFAICT. So we might have:

listname at lists.example.com (or listname at example.com) forwarding to
listname-example.com at lists.example.com.

Obviously this looks ugly, and encourages people to send to the "wrong"
address; it's a simple matter, of course, to alias
listname at example.com to listname-example.com at lists.example.com.

This "hack" (if it worked) wouldn't be perfect, but would at least
improve the virtual hosting situation for our purposes. For various
reasons, it's not practical to do a unique installation of Mailman for
each account or domain, and requiring unique listnames globally will
also not work for our purposes.

If not, consider this an RFE (I can submit one on the site if
requested). If someone wanted to provide a patch for this (against
2.1.3), I might even be able to give them some money if it worked

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