[Mailman-Users] not allowing mass-subscription (web interface)

Vivek Khera khera at kcilink.com
Mon Oct 6 17:31:57 CEST 2003

>>>>> "EW" == Ed Wilts <ewilts at ewilts.org> writes:

>> I've got some consulting money sitting about for someone to write such
>> a feature into Mailman -- keeping record of the confirmation request
>> and the confirmation response (either email or clickthrough data).

EW> Given the new anti-spam law coming into California with the burden of
EW> proof being on the e-mail sender that the user has really opted in, I
EW> don't see how we can avoid having this feature in Mailman.  Some of run

Exactly.  And I'm willing to be the one to pay someone to build it in
sooner rather than later.  For similar reasons, I believe the other
request of having a tunable to disable uploads but keep "invitations"
is also necessary.  I might pay for that too, if it wasn't too much

I know that I can permanently keep all mail logs and web server logs
and mailman logs as proof, but that's just too much unnecessary data.
I want to be able to go in as the admin of the site (NOT the list
owner -- they could see the secret token from the confirmation message
and email/click it themselves) and review that information by pulling
up the record of an individual address.

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