[Mailman-Users] filtering by subject or other headers?

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Sat Oct 4 21:54:34 CEST 2003

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Erez Zadok wrote:
> Yes!  That's exactly it.  Right now all I can do is "hold" mails
> that match certain headers.  I like that option for certain cases,
> but I'd like another (independent) option to completely discard
> mails that match certain headers.

I see.  I think your best bet is to use the KNOWN_SPAMMERS setting
then.  It's either that or hack mailman yourself (or convince someone
else to do it).

> And while we're at it, why only hold or discard?  Why not offer the
> same sets of options available in other places: hold, discard,
> forward to someone, etc.

True, if it was being added, might as well have the behave as similar
features elsewhere in mailman.

> I don't understand something in your mail, however.  You say "you
> could either add..." and such, implying that _I_ could do it myself?

Sure, why not?  :)

> Do you mean that there is a facility for this already in mailman?
> Or did you mean that I could always hack the source and add the
> feature I wanted?

Yeah, I meant the latter.

> If you meant the latter, then I'd prefer if someone more experienced
> in Python and Mailman's code do it

Bah!  :)

The mailman code is pretty easy to follow, assuming you have a basic
knowledge of coding in general.  I've hacked mailman to do little
things here and there and I'd still say I don't know python.  I'd be
at a loss to sit down and write a decent python program to do
anything, but tweaking something that's already close to what I want
seems rather simple.

> (what'll take me many hours, Barry can probably do in his sleep,
> with _both_ hands tied behind his back.  :-)

Maybe so, you're assuming though that a) Barry or one of the other
developers will think this feature request is important enough to work
on before many others; and b) that Barry sleeps at all.  ;-)

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