[Mailman-Users] All recipients refused

ljacobs lj at mandala-designs.com
Mon Oct 6 06:29:18 CEST 2003

I just installed Mailman 2.1.3 on a FreeBSD system, migrating from 2.1.1 on RH Linux.
Apparently I have done something wrong.  Installation went well, check_perms reports no problems however although a small test list delivers fine, when I try to send to my converted (6500 member list) list I see that postfix accepts the message and passes it to the mailman wrapper but then nothing happens.  A check of the mailman log directory reports the following.

Oct 06 00:13:35 2003 (26522) post to kenwilber from ljacobs at shambhala.com, size=2239, message-id=<200310052353.AA109249086 at kalapa.shambhala.com>, 6526 failures

looks normal.

Oct 06 00:23:40 2003 (26522) All recipients refused: Connection unexpectedly closed

Oct 06 00:26:18 2003 (26522) delivery to tyonashiro at motivate.com.ph failed with code -1: ignore
Oct 06 00:26:18 2003 (26522) delivery to gaynell at roy-rogers.com failed with code -1: ignore
Oct 06 00:26:18 2003 (26522) delivery to iipsgp at clara.net failed with code -1: ignore

looks normal.

All my tests lists are working fine so I am puzzled by this failure.

FreeBSD 4.7
Postfix 2.0.14
Mailman 2.1.3

--Leonard Jacobs 

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