[Mailman-Users] Showing chunks of names

Allan Trick atrick at prin.edu
Tue Oct 7 05:49:05 CEST 2003

In the FAQ, it says:

>4.30. How do I configure the admin webpage to show more members per page?
>Change the setting in DEFAULT_ADMIN_MEMBER_CHUNKSIZE in mm_cfg.py The 
>description is in Defaults.py.

And mine is set for 30 (same as it was in 2.0.x).  But it doesn't look like 
name are displayed in "chunks" in the new version of MM.  Yet I have users 
asking for that capability, even though they now have much easier ways to 
search for members than they ever had before!

Is that chunksize setting just a remnant of the old version that displayed 
names in chunks?  Any way to display all list members on one page?  (I 
don't think there is, but thought I'd better ask so I can satisfy these 
folks with the right answer!)



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