[Mailman-Users] setting "nomail" by default?

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Thu Oct 9 03:38:25 CEST 2003

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Rod Neep wrote:
> Is it possible (in 2.1.1) to set up one of my lists so that all 
> subscribers by default have their "nomail" flag set to not to receive 
> mail?

I *think* that you'd need to use a withlist script to modify the lists
config.pck file, though be sure to look through all the admin pages to
make sure I'm not just overlooking a simple option someplace.

There was just a thread about setting a list to conceal a member by
default and I posted a withlist script to change the settings of a
list to do this, which would probably be usable for your purposes as
well since it takes an argument to set the default new member options
field.  Be sure to read the whole thread as the initial script I
posted had an error in it (showing my near total lack of python


(BTW, Paul - I just looked at the General options for a list and
noticed that there is a "Conceal the member's address" in the section
for "Default options for new members joining this list."  Hehe, that
would have been much simpler than using a script to modify the list
config, I wish I'd have seen that before, though I'm glad to have
found an excuse to screw around with python a little.)

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