[Mailman-Users] Re: Zest as an Archiver

Tobias Eigen tobias at kabissa.org
Wed Oct 15 17:39:05 CEST 2003

Hi all, 

Glad to see this discussion about improving MM's archiving capabilities. I've 
been really happy with FUD Forum as an archiver for my mailman lists. It's been 
running alongside mhonarc on a test basis on my server for months now, without 
any problems. FUD seems to be relatively unknown.. but is also pretty robust. 
Check it out: http://fud.prohost.org/

FUD Forum includes a script for importing posts that come via e-mail, which 
works immediately - I just need to configure FUD whenever I create new lists. 
Discussions are threaded in typical forum format, attachments are supported, 
etc. The thing I like most about using a forum for archiving lists is that I 
can use the forum's web-based features, such as permissions, to allow list 
owners to moderate and manage their own lists. They are also fully searchable 
and because of the database-driven nature of it you can see interesting 
statistics on for example the number of people that post to lists and the 
number of messages per list, etc. 

Feel free to get in touch off list if you want to discuss more. 



Tobias Eigen
Executive Director

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