[Mailman-Users] Code to view subscriber list on listinfo page

Christopher Adams chris.a.adams at state.or.us
Thu Oct 16 17:53:10 CEST 2003

  cd /lists/bin
  ./config_list -o list_name.txt list_name

  Edit junk.txt and add the following:
  # Increase viewable member list in Admin interface
  admin_member_chunksize = 100  (note: you can make this number whatever you
want, depending on the number of subscribers)

  ./config_list -i list_name.txt list_name
  rm list_name.txt

> In the same vein, administrators are asking for a way to see all
> subscribers, not just by letter of the alphabet.  I've told some how to
> the list emailed to them with a mail command to Mailman, but the list on
> the listinfo page that I want to move is what they're asking for.  They
> would like to be able to get to it from the admin page and not have it on
> the public page.  Is this possible - moving that code to the admin page?
> Thanks!
> Allan
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