[Mailman-Users] TXT attachments

Krause, Uwe Uwe.Krause at fep.fhg.de
Fri Oct 17 14:06:13 CEST 2003


> >>This is a pain that only happens on HTML emails
> > Not it isn´t ... 
> > We have the same problem with Email in plain text ... 
> several Mime attachments ...
> Agree, but its mostly a user sided problem. We have this on 
> our several  lists with Outlook Build 9.x Users. Just mail them to use:

Not only Outlook ... try to get a EUR through the list ...

> This *mostly* solves the Problem "Footer as Attachment". Furthermore
> install the patches for Errors 664209 and 796950. This eliminates
> several smaller Problems with the encoding/decoding on german lists.

They are not inside the MM 2.1.3 ?

thanks Uwe

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