[Mailman-Users] archives do not appear

Szilard Vizi vizisz at freemail.hu
Mon Oct 20 10:24:36 CEST 2003


> When I try and access the list archives on my Debian server set up with
> mailman, I get the following page:
> Forbidden
>  You don't have permission to access /pipermail/<listname>/ on this
>  server.
> This seems like something that should ahve been set up automatically,
> particularly on Debian. Can anyone tell me how to correct this problem?

If you are using a version from the 2.0.x series the archive doesn't work
until you send a message to the list. This was a common installation
problem at that time.

See the FAQ:
Q. Why doesn't the archive link work?

A. Have any messages been posted to the list?  This is a known buglet;
   the archive link doesn't work until at least one message has been

Q. Okay, the archive link works, but I can't access the public
   archives.  Why?

A. If you are using Apache, you must make sure that FollowSymLinks is
   enabled for the path to the public archives.  Note that the actual
   archives always reside in the private tree, and only when archives
   are public, is the symlink followed. See this archive message for
   more details:

Szilard Vizi
mailto:vizisz at freemail.hu

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