[Mailman-Users] Two issues with 2.1.2

David Alexander dalexander at nysia.org
Mon Oct 27 21:19:26 CET 2003

Good day.  I inherited a mailman / NetBSD setup shortly after migrating 
from 2.0.x to 2.1.2, and there are two problems I have not been able to 
resolve so far:

1) There are two live lists, and two lists used for testing.  Both test 
lists (the recipients in the test lists are a few users internal to the 
organization) have stopped responding i.e. I send email and nothing shows 
up in the list, with no error report or bounce.  Nothing is sent out, 
either.  I created a new list and copied all the settings that are used in 
one of the live lists; when I sent an email to it, nothing showed up, 
again, and no error message came back.  I again checked the live list for 
function, and it still works correctly.  I looked in /var/log, but was not 
sure what file to look at, if any, and after looking at a few of the files 
did not see a clear error message.

2) A few people on this list have mentioned that they also see a CC: to the 
list on every transmission, as we do, but I have not seen a definite 
explanation or "fix".  Someone said it occurs when sending with Full 
Personalization, but this was not confirmed.  Since I can not successfully 
create and use new lists ( see above :--) ), I can not test this either.

Your suggestions are most welcome!

David Alexander
Opal Computing 

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