[Mailman-Users] Two issues with 2.1.2

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Oct 28 09:40:43 CET 2003

On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 15:19, David Alexander wrote:
> Good day.  I inherited a mailman / NetBSD setup shortly after migrating 
> from 2.0.x to 2.1.2, and there are two problems I have not been able to 
> resolve so far:
> 1) There are two live lists, and two lists used for testing.  Both test 
> lists (the recipients in the test lists are a few users internal to the 
> organization) have stopped responding i.e. I send email and nothing shows 
> up in the list, with no error report or bounce.  Nothing is sent out, 
> either.  I created a new list and copied all the settings that are used in 
> one of the live lists; when I sent an email to it, nothing showed up, 
> again, and no error message came back.  I again checked the live list for 
> function, and it still works correctly.  I looked in /var/log, but was not 
> sure what file to look at, if any, and after looking at a few of the files 
> did not see a clear error message.
You can follow the flow of a message by looking at the MTA logs (in
/var/log/..) and you should see it hand the message off to a script
kicked off by the mailing list alias.

At this point you should look at the Mailman logs (normally in
~mailman/logs/..) and should see the message posted to the list and
whether it was expanded to the list and handed off to the MTA or held
for moderator approval. 

At this point you should again look in the MTA logs and see the various
messages being sent to the members of the mailing list.

> 2) A few people on this list have mentioned that they also see a CC: to the 
> list on every transmission, as we do, but I have not seen a definite 
> explanation or "fix".  Someone said it occurs when sending with Full 
> Personalization, but this was not confirmed.  Since I can not successfully 
> create and use new lists ( see above :--) ), I can not test this either.

They are correct.

I suggest that you use the web-admin and look at each list's setup.  In
particular look at the admin and moderator email addresses (and make
sure that those addresses point to YOU!).

Your Mailman install is basically working as it has working lists.  This
does not mean that your current configuration is valid
(~mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py and Defaults.py)... but it certainly implies
that - as long as no changes where made to the configuration after the
working lists were created.

There are some upgrade scenarios where existing older lists would work
fine, but new lists would be totally hosed.  This is mostly caused by
folks putting their site configuration into Defaults.py instead of

Anyway, you can check for this by looking at the existing lists that are
working via the webadmin and then seeing if that information is
reflected in the mm_cfg.py file.

> Your suggestions are most welcome!
> David Alexander
> Opal Computing 
Good luck, David!

Jon Carnes

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