[Mailman-Users] Adding a second list admin

Frank Middleton frank at apogeect.com
Mon Oct 27 22:58:07 CET 2003

Exactly. It worked just as documented. So how do I go about adding
a new list admin, or replacing the current admin? Just adding the
new name doesn't seem to be useful because there doesn't seem to
be a way to notify them of their password. Unless I'm missing
something (probably glaringly) obvious, it *should* send an email
when someone is added, not just at list creation time.

As it happens I could recreate this list, so there is an easy work around,
but I'm puzzled as to why it allows the addition of new administrators
when apparently there is no way to let them administer.  That's why I
 > config_list -o zzzz
[edit zzzz to add new admin]
 > config_list -i zzzz
thinking that this was a bit like making a new list.  I also made sure
that the new admin was already a valid subscriber and tried using their
list password but this didn't work. Apparently list users and admin
passwords are not coupled even if they have the same email addresses
(probably a good thing).

Clearly, people do inherit lists and doubtlessly change admins. I did
RTFM and the Archives but drew a blank - but there must be a way...

Mailman version 2.0.11 (Debian).

TIA -- Frank Middleton

John DeCarlo wrote:

> Frank,
> Are you having a problem?
> You quoted text that says when a list is created it send a message to 
> the list owner, so the list owner knows the list was created and can 
> start working on it.
> Then you say you added another list owner but got no message.  That 
> sounds exactly correct - no new list was created.
> Hope this helps.

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