[Mailman-Users] Adding a second list admin

Ed Wilts ewilts at ewilts.org
Mon Oct 27 23:32:40 CET 2003

On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 04:58:07PM -0500, Frank Middleton wrote:
> Exactly. It worked just as documented. So how do I go about adding
> a new list admin, or replacing the current admin? Just adding the
> new name doesn't seem to be useful because there doesn't seem to
> be a way to notify them of their password. Unless I'm missing
> something (probably glaringly) obvious, it *should* send an email
> when someone is added, not just at list creation time.
> Clearly, people do inherit lists and doubtlessly change admins. I did
> RTFM and the Archives but drew a blank - but there must be a way...

If you've added a second admin, that person can get the password from
the first admin who should probably be informed that a second person has
been added anyway.

If the list admin changes, then the password should be changed.  Using the
site password, you can change the list password and then give that to
the new admin.

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