[Mailman-Users] new mailman site admin with bounce notification questions

Mark Bixby mark at bixby.org
Wed Sep 10 15:28:59 CEST 2003

Hi mailman-users,

I am a brand new Mailman 2.1.2 site administrator / list owner who has migrated 
one old Majordomo mailing list and plans to create several additional lists.

One of my subscribers of my new Mailman list complained about missing a message 
from Mailman.  I had no idea there was a problem until she complained.  I then 
dug through my sendmail logs and saw that her remote MTA had transiently 
returned a "Service unavailable" status.

I then went into Mailman and looked up the subscriber's info.  Mailman had 
dutifully incremented her bounce count to 1.0.

But I had absolutely no notification of any problems until the subscriber 
complained, and that lack of notification is a big problem for these particular 
mailing lists which are private with a small number of subscribers but feature 
highly time-sensitive content.

For these mailing lists I am willing to have the list owner receive copies of 
all MAILER-DAEMON etc bounce messages.  Yet I cannot find any way in the 
Mailman docs of accomplishing this (unless I have missed something).  If I 
disable automatic bounce processing, the docs say the MAILER-DAEMON messages 
are still discarded, which doesn't help me.

Alternatively I would be happy to have Mailman just send the *first* 
MAILER-DAEMON bounce message for a subscriber to the list owner.

Is there any tweaking I can do to either the automatic bounce processing 
parameters or my aliases file that will get Mailman to promptly tell me when a 
user is having a bounce problem?  Yes, I could set the bounce score threshold 
down to 0, but that's a little extreme since I don't really want the user's 
subscription to be disabled at this point in order just to get a problem 
notification about a bounce situation that would likely be merely transient for 
my particular set of subscribers.

mark at bixby.org
Remainder of .sig suppressed to conserve expensive California electrons...

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