[Mailman-Users] options page error

John Hamlin johnh at news.oregonian.com
Thu Apr 1 06:39:28 CEST 2004

Hey, this is one great listserv program ... awesome. Huge benefit to
non-profit user groups like mine (harrisusers.org).

We're hosted by pgHoster.com, which wisely has "personalization" turned
off for Mailman. This makes sense -- saves processor, etc. -- but it
leaves me with no python variable for the "addressed_to" recipient to
append to the URL for the options page. Thus instead of: 


I use: http://my.com/mailman/options/xxlist_my.com/

This works, of course, in that it goes to the right page and the user
can type in their e-mail address. No sweat. BUT ... since I have no
email_address appended to the URL the user sees the error message
stating this obvious fact!!

Is there a way to avoid the error message at the top of the options

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