[Mailman-Users] barking up the right tree?

Scott S. Jones D.C. drjones at vii.com
Thu Apr 1 07:31:43 CEST 2004

I am a mailman newbie, and am not even sure I am trying to learn the 
right thing. I need to send periodic email, newsletters and such to a 
growing list of patients. I currently use Mozilla-thunderbird for 
composing and reading email. It doesn't handle large mailing lists very 
well, so I am hoping that Mailman can answer my prayers..

I need to be able to easily add new addresses and to quickly send out 
email to members on my list, to encourage them to provide me feedback.

Is Mailman, coupled with Postfix and Mozilla-Thunderbird the right 

Please help me get this going if I am the right department here.

Thank You,


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