[Mailman-Users] Strange real_name naming scheme

Matthew Stevens matthew at the-stevens.us
Sat Apr 3 07:42:55 CEST 2004

I've recently had to move hosts and the new host appears to being having an
issue with mailman and cpanel.

For some reason when I create lists they are created with my domain as part
of the mailing list name.

I.E. List test becomes test_the-stevens.us for it's real name and therefore
the lists address test_the-stevens.us at the-stevens.us and test at the-stevens.us
both work. And of course the other address of the list follow that same
scheme test_the-stevens.us-owner at the-stevens.us

Part of that is that one of their server names pops up in some of the links
such as

rather than my own domain.

I'm sure it's a config problem but I haven't been able to find the fix.

Cpanel version 9.1.0-STABLE 93
Mailman version 2.1.3

I've been searching the net but haven't found any mention of this issue.



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