[Mailman-Users] Strange real_name naming scheme

Richard Barrett r.barrett at ftel.co.uk
Sat Apr 3 09:10:35 CEST 2004

On 3 Apr 2004, at 06:42, Matthew Stevens wrote:

> I've recently had to move hosts and the new host appears to being 
> having an
> issue with mailman and cpanel.
> For some reason when I create lists they are created with my domain as 
> part
> of the mailing list name.
> I.E. List test becomes test_the-stevens.us for it's real name and 
> therefore
> the lists address test_the-stevens.us at the-stevens.us and 
> test at the-stevens.us
> both work. And of course the other address of the list follow that same
> scheme test_the-stevens.us-owner at the-stevens.us
> Part of that is that one of their server names pops up in some of the 
> links
> such as
> http://server2.integrityserver.net/mailman/listinfo/test_the-stevens.us
> rather than my own domain.
> I'm sure it's a config problem but I haven't been able to find the fix.
> Cpanel version 9.1.0-STABLE 93
> Mailman version 2.1.3
> I've been searching the net but haven't found any mention of this 
> issue.

And you will not be able to fix it because it results from changes made 
by cpanel to the standard Mailman source and is inherent in using a 
Mailman installation under cpanel.

cpanel make this change to allow the same listname appear to be used by 
multiple virtual hosts which are being supported by a single Mailman 
installation - a typical hosting service provider situation. Their 
changes work transparently at the level of mail addresses seen outside 
the host system but are clearly evident at the level of URLs relating 
to the lists web GUI.

> Tia,
> Matthew

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