[Mailman-Users] Not all mail getting delivered

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Fri Apr 9 13:04:12 CEST 2004

On 09/04/2004, at 7:15 PM, Thomas Hochstein wrote:
> That seems to be a message from postfix, the MTA, which is
> disconnecting because to many recipient users do not exist any more. I
> never used postfix myself, so I can't say any more to that.

I realize this, but I would have thought postfix could handle this; it 
should see sending emails to given recipients aren't working, and 
either remove them from the subscription list, or just give up trying 
to send to it temporarily.

>> I've insisted the guy should go in and manually clean up the 
>> subscriber
>> list, but he says majordomo handled this fine, and so should mailman.
>> (I thought mailman did?).
> Mailman is just delivering mail to all users on the list ...

I understand this, and I'm a huge supporter of Mailman, but the dude 
reckons that majordomo is "better" because it can handle lots of 
invalid users.  I'm sure this is a problem that's fixable.

>> The MTA used locally is postfix.  I've tried tweaking various things 
>> in
>> it, such as disabling the guy's super paranoid anti-spam stuff [which
>> was causing some issues, but not this], but to no avail.
> The only thing that makes sense is to clean up the subscriber
> databases. If one does not like to do that, one will have to
> reconfigure postfix.

Reconfigure postfix, how exactly?  I tried increasing the number of 
rcpt errors (forget exactly what I tried; this was months ago) allowed 
to a stupidly high value, but the error is apparently still occurring.

I told him to clean the subscriber lists, but again, see majordomo 
point above :-(




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