[Mailman-Users] enquiry

Sokk sokk at ozemail.com.au
Mon Apr 12 10:43:32 CEST 2004

Your product has been recommended to me, I hope you will be able to answer my, no doubt naive, questions. Thank you.

I am in involved in my daughter's school Parents and Citizens Association - a volunteer, not for profit organisation.
 To get info out to all parents we have a hotmail email address that we've been using. When we started there were only a few dozen addresses so it was fine but as the list of names increases the limitations of Hotmail are obvious.

We have a mailing list of around 300 and it could grow to around 800. We send a weekly "what's on" plus minutes of various meetings once or twice a month.

Hotmail restricts
  a..  the number of emails sent in a 24 hr period, 
  b.. the number of addresses you can have per group 
  c.. the size of the email 
  d.. attachments etc 
plus it is not a particularly user friendly system, all understandable with a basic free service. Upgrades, which you pay for don't really seem to help.

Our needs are for a system that will:
  a.. Allow a mail out to a large number of addresses 
  b.. Not unreasonably restrict size ( ours aren't that big!) 
  c.. Most importantly - keep email addresses and personal information PRIVATE. 
  d.. Not taken over by spammers.

We don't have a webpage nor do we want one ( we piggy back on the school's webpage).

Could you advise whether Mailman might be the answer and what is involved. 
Many thanks

Kathy Sokk

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