[Mailman-Users] Where is 'last autoresponse' limit set?

Rick Pasotto rick at niof.net
Wed Apr 14 02:05:04 CEST 2004

I've been getting emails like this from the system:

> Subject: Last autoresponse notification for today
> We have received a message from your address `rick at niof.net'
> requesting an automated response from the Afclt at niof.net mailing list.
> We have seen 10 such messages from you today.  In order to avoid
> problems such as mail loops between email robots, we will not be
> sending you any further email responses today.  Please try again
> tomorrow.

I have no control over how many spams from non-members get sent to the
list so why should there be a limit as to how many times I can cancel
such postings by return email?

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