[Mailman-Users] Weird archiving problem...

Alain Knaff python at misc.lka.org.lu
Tue Apr 13 22:23:46 CEST 2004

At our site (lll.lgl.lu), we are running several mailing lists.

One of them got into a weird state where it no longer archives any
mail. All our other lists archive just fine.

Yes, the "Archive Messages" box of the troubled list is set to Yes.
Toggling it between Yes and No several times didn't help
either. Neither did setting it to monthly archives and then back to
yearly archives.

Renaming the archive directories (archives/private/mylist ...) and
mbox file to some other list works fine with the new list: i.e. the
archive directory structure itself does not seem to be corrupted.

The list directory had a request.db file whose last modified date was
the exact date when the archive stopped working. The file was
byte-by-byte identical to the request.db file of a neighboring list
whose archive works just fine. Removing the file didn't fix the
problem (and didn't break anything else either, at least not in an
obvious way).

Does anybody have an idea how to fix the situation (short of creating
a new list, and moving all subscribers over...)



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