[Mailman-Users] Announce Only

Paul Reilly pareilly at tcd.ie
Sat Apr 17 12:18:51 CEST 2004

> There's more than one way to do it ...
I know of the 3 ways to do it.
But they all seem a bit around a 'bout.
Why can't there just be a open/closed radio preference?

> Then don't let them use python regular expressions. :)
I don't.
But it generates support questions.

> >>> Also how do you turn off the "Create new List" via webpage ?
> >> Why should one want to do it?
> Sure. But it does not hurt, does it?
Well people click it, (thinking thats the way to create a new list),
get an error, and then think it's not working, so call our helpdesk
saying there's an error. Even though there's not. There's just no way
to turn off this 'feature' if you don't use it. (except by going backwards
to an older version of Mailman, or by using another MLM).


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