[Mailman-Users] List is posting only to itself (debian, exim, mailman 2.1.4)

David Ljung Madison python.org at daveola.com
Mon Apr 19 08:01:31 CEST 2004

For some reason my list seems to send postings back out to itself,
instead of to the list members.  In other words, when I mail a post
to somelist at a.com it sends the message back out to somelist at a.com.

Running Debian 3.0 (up to date) with exim v3.35, trying to get mailman-2.1.4
to work (I previously had 2.0.11 working with no problems from the debian
binary package, but now I'm trying to upgrade from source).

I'll call my domain "a.com" in this email and use the list "somelist"

Outgoing email goes through exim.

Incoming email for "*@a.com" does not use exim, it is pop fetched
(via fetchmail) and sent through my mail filter which calls the
mailman wrapper when it sees mailing list addresses.

1) I send to the list 'somelist' with subject 'foo bar'
2) My filter sees the message to somelist at a.com with subject "foo bar"
   and calls the wrapper (using the correct group)
3) I see the message added to the mailman archive mbox
4) logs/post sees the posting (and claims success)
5) logs/smtp claims completion of the message for my 3 test recipients
6) qfiles/ directories are empty.
7) My exim logs shows the mail from somelist-bounces going out to my 3 recips
   (And the message isn't sitting in the exim spool)

But for some reason, instead of seeing three messages sent to my
3 test recipients, I get one message (with the expected subject
of "[Somelist] foo bar") that is addressed to somelist at a.com.
(And of course, my mail filter calls the mailman wrapper again with
this message as a posting, but then nothing else happens, it doesn't
show up in the archives or logs).

I couldn't find any settings that would cause this behavior, and exim
is seeing the three recipients as the target of the email...

So why isn't this being sent to my recipients instead of back to the list?

More troubleshooting

I read README.EXIM - but this doesn't effect me because I'm not using
EXIM for receiving email, just for sending it out.  (And we know this
isn't the problem because you can see the filter calling the wrapper
works from steps 1-3 above).

Even though *some* mail was going out, I followed the troubleshooting
instructions at the Mailman FAQ Wizard and found nothing wrong (except
the lock that mailmanctl holds for qrunner which is supposed to be there
since it's a daemon, yes?)

I can 'su mailman' and send mail to the test recipients fine.

I don't change any of the SMTP settings in mm_cfg.py:
MTA = 'Manual'
SMTPHOST = 'localhost'
SMTPPORT = 0                                      # default from smtplib
SENDMAIL_CMD = '/usr/lib/sendmail'


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