[Mailman-Users] Re: changes to mailman/var/lists/list/en/custom.html not taking

Thomas M. Parris parris at isciences.com
Tue Apr 20 15:16:42 CEST 2004


Thanks again.  However, private.html appears to be the template for the
login to access private archives.  The login page for the "user options"
page is hard coded in the loginpage subroutine contained in
./Mailman/Cgi/options.py.  It does not appear that this page uses a template
at all.

A python knowledgable person could probably patch this up in an hour.  But,
for me (a hack in many other languages) its out of scope for now.  So, I'll
live with it as is.

-- Tom
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  On 09:18 AM 4/16/2004, Thomas M. Parris wrote:

    Please ignore my previous message.  I see now that the changes to
    options.html are indeed taking effect.  It is the user login page that
    still out of the box.  I guess I have to fix that one globally as there
    no list-by-list option for it.

       The login page is "private.html" .  You can copy the template from
<prefix>/mailman/templates to the /en file of the list and modify as you
like by editing the file.  A restart may or may not be needed, I can't

  <>< Paul

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