[Mailman-Users] List is posting only to itself

David Ljung Madison python.org at daveola.com
Tue Apr 20 14:58:06 CEST 2004

My list only sends posts back out to it's own posting address (which
it then ignores).

I'm running Debian 3.0 with exim v3.35 and mailman-2.1.4.
I previously had 2.0.11 working from the .deb, but now I'm
compiling from source.

I setup a test list with three recipients and I send a message,
it goes through the whole process including getting added to
the archives, but when it gets sent back out it sends it to
the list posting address, which ignores it when it sees the
message again.

Please help - I've spent hours searching the net and reconfiguring
trying to figure this out, but nothing helps - I'd really love to
use mailman instead of some other package, but I can't keep wasting
time on this.


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