[Mailman-Users] List members moderation bit not setting correctly

Levine, Jenny levinej at SLS.LIB.IL.US
Tue Apr 20 17:50:06 CEST 2004

	We're using Mailman 2.1, and via the web interface, I have the "set everyone's moderation bit" checked to be "on" under "additional member tasks" on the membership management page. However, it doesn't actually seem to be set, as messages can get through to the list without being held for approval, and when I change the option to "off," the variable doesn't change on the screen in the browser. The problem only seems to happen with this one list and not others on the same server.
	I'd like to use config_list to manually add the variable, but I can't find what it's called in order to set it in the text file. Does anyone know how to add it from the command line?

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