[Mailman-Users] Phantom moderation request

Jimmy jimmy at v2k.ca
Tue Apr 20 17:52:07 CEST 2004

Hello list,

I have a phantom moderation request.  :)  Every morning at 8:00am one of my 
lists informs me of a message waiting my approval.  But its not there.  I had 
approved this post weeks ago, but every morning the request comes in the 

I looked all over the net.  I dug into the whole mailman filesystem and for 
the life of me cannot find where this is stored.  (I am sure I will probably 
shoot myself for this once I figure it out)

There is no heldmsg-* in the $MAILMAN/data dir
I have already copied an empty request.db file from another list to this one.
This is a redhat 7.2 system with mailman 2.0.13

Anyone have any ideas?


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