[Mailman-Users] MAILMAN HOSTING pt 2

texas critter - mailman-users texascritter at ditb.net
Wed Apr 21 01:46:14 CEST 2004

Sean Carnahan wrote:

> The lists are one for 5,000 and another of around 19,000 people?
> My present hosting company only allows 1,000 email per hour.

For lists of these sizes, you're probably going to need to use a
professional list host.  If you google on "email list host" or similar
phrases, you'll find lots of them.  Some use Mailman, some use Lyris (which
is a much nicer program for handling large announcement lists).

Webhosting companies that include Mailman in their hosting plans mainly
intend for it to be used for smaller lists and their servers really aren't
set up to handle any serious volume, because they're mainly for webhosting,
not list hosting.

If you do go with a webhost that offers Mailman, I suggest looking for one
that has a semi-dedicated server plan, where they put a limited number of
customers on a server, usually 10-20 customers, you'll pay more but the
server will be better equipped to handle your volume.  Regular shared
virtual hosting servers can have literally hundreds of customers and the
servers get overloaded very easily.

Talk to webhosts, show them your list content, talk about your volume,
about how your list members joined (all confirmed opt-in?).  If you're
upfront with your needs and your list is clean, not spammy, it'll be easier
to find a good host for your lists.

texas critter

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