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Michel Buitendyk mibcons at telusplanet.net
Wed Apr 21 02:03:15 CEST 2004

Hi Texas Critter,

I have been reading and learning about Mailman and much what I read is Greek
to me (I'm Dutch Canadian <grin>)

I just wanted to say that I appreciate your answers on this forum/list.

You're very helpful for many people and I thought I let you know.


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> Sean Carnahan wrote:
> > The lists are one for 5,000 and another of around 19,000 people?
> >
> > My present hosting company only allows 1,000 email per hour.
> For lists of these sizes, you're probably going to need to use a
> professional list host.  If you google on "email list host" or similar
> phrases, you'll find lots of them.  Some use Mailman, some use Lyris
> is a much nicer program for handling large announcement lists).
> Webhosting companies that include Mailman in their hosting plans mainly
> intend for it to be used for smaller lists and their servers really aren't
> set up to handle any serious volume, because they're mainly for
> not list hosting.
> If you do go with a webhost that offers Mailman, I suggest looking for one
> that has a semi-dedicated server plan, where they put a limited number of
> customers on a server, usually 10-20 customers, you'll pay more but the
> server will be better equipped to handle your volume.  Regular shared
> virtual hosting servers can have literally hundreds of customers and the
> servers get overloaded very easily.
> Talk to webhosts, show them your list content, talk about your volume,
> about how your list members joined (all confirmed opt-in?).  If you're
> upfront with your needs and your list is clean, not spammy, it'll be
> to find a good host for your lists.
> hth,
> texas critter
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