[Mailman-Users] Adding users via email - No confirmation wanted.

Darryl Harvey darryl at harvey.net.au
Wed Apr 21 14:34:56 CEST 2004

Sounds ok, but.

It's not a once off, it's an ongoing thing.
They confirmation emails will cause havoc to our 500+ staff that will 
receive them, we don't want them to get ANY email about the list.

Getting closer, surely there must be some way to do it.

If you can do it via the web interface, why not via the email interface??

Any Mailman developers monitor this list ??


At 06:31 AM 22/04/2004, mailman-users at think.co.za wrote:
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Darryl Harvey
>Is there any way for a moderator (or list admin) to add
>users via an email that doesn't result in a confirmation
>email being sent to the actual user before they are a valid
>Is there any option for NO approval (As long as the
>moderator (or
>admin)) is initiating this request ?
>We have a closed list (internal company list) that needs to
>be populated, we can subscribe them, but we cannot use the
>web interface), we need to use the email interface, but we
>do NOT want/need any confirmation sent to each user.
>I see no answer via the list, so here goes.
>If you're using 2.1.4, then do this...
>First step should be to get your administrator to fiddle
>with mm_cfg.py and set 'ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE = Yes' and then
>Then set the 'subscribe_policy' to 'none'.
>Then send a message to the list with these details
>To: listname-request at yourdomain.com
>Body: subscribe requiredpassword
>address=newuser at yourdomain.com
>You'll get a whole bunch of confirmation mails, so just set
>a rule to delete them. I'm not sure how to turn this
>'feature' off.
>If it's a once off, then go for it, but change back
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