[Mailman-Users] Adding users via email - No confirmation wanted.

Scott Courtney scott at 4th.com
Wed Apr 21 15:53:19 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 21 April 2004 08:34, Darryl Harvey wrote:
> Sounds ok, but.
> It's not a once off, it's an ongoing thing.
> They confirmation emails will cause havoc to our 500+ staff that will
> receive them, we don't want them to get ANY email about the list.
> Getting closer, surely there must be some way to do it.

If you can produce a one-per-line text listing of all the email addresses
that need to be subscribed, e.g.:

joe_smith at harvey.net.au
carol_jones at harvey.net.au
darryl at harvey.net.au
[...et cetera...]

then you could do this from a simple command line. Take a look at the
$prefix/bin/add_members command, with options similar to these:

$prefix/bin/add_members --regular-members-file=<file> \
      --welcome-msg=n   --admin-notify=n   <listname>

(Run add_members with "--help" to get a full syntax help display.)

I haven't tested this on my system, but according to the documentation this
should subscribe the people listed in the file, with no confirmation messages.

Try it on a short list of just a couple of users first, to make sure it
behaves as you wish it to.


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