[Mailman-Users] Can a Public High School Use Mailman?

texas critter - mailman-users texascritter at ditb.net
Thu Apr 22 16:29:26 CEST 2004

Andrea Viel wrote:

> I was exposed to Mailman, because I also manage the Oakland Strokes mail.
> We certainly could load the email addresses we've collected manually.
> As I don't really know much about websites, can you please explain what
> we need to use Mailman.  Can our school district website link up or
> create a mailman account?  Please explain how Mailman is set up in very
> simple terms!

Mailman is a program designed to be installed and run on a Linux/Unix
server that already has mail and web server software installed.

You mention your school district's website, where is that hosted?  On a
server that your school district maintains?  or thru a webhosting provider?

If your school district has a server, check with the server admin to see if
it's Linux/Unix and if they could install Mailman for you.  If the school
district is using a webhost, check with the webhost, lots of webhosting
providers also offer Mailman lists as part of their webhosting packages and
it's very easy to create your list and load your email addresses.

If the school district doesn't have a server or can't/won't install Mailman
and the current webhost doesn't offer Mailman, then you might look into
webhosts that do offer Mailman, there's bunches that do, for as little as
$5/month.  Try Googling on "website hosting" and "mailman".

texas critter

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