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texas critter - mailman-users texascritter at ditb.net
Thu Apr 22 18:43:21 CEST 2004

Paul Tomblin wrote:

> Not true.  You can set up "topics" in recent versions of Mailman, and
> people can subscribe to as many or as few of the topics of that list as
> they want.

ah!  thanks much for correcting me, I haven't played with topics on Mailman
yet.  I'm familar with them on a LSoft list and figured it was much the
same but hadn't thought about how that would apply to the original question
here.  So thanks for the info. :)

But - question, can the listowner set which topics a list member gets?  I
think the original poster was wanting to be able to target specific
segments of the list, for example, all AOL members, could a listowner set
each AOL member to be subbed to a topic of "AOL"?  Would you have to set
each AOL member individually or could do you set all of them at once?

texas critter

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