[Mailman-Users] Advice pls?

David J. Duffner - NWCWEB.com mmuserslist at nwcweb.com
Fri Apr 30 16:40:48 CEST 2004


	I sent you a solution offlist and your ISP
seems to have a hard time picking it up!  Since it's
a non-Mailman related solution, I didn't think it 
best to post it up here.  There is a solution you
can install FREE on your server with a short learning
curve and minimal requirements that fits your needs
to a 'T'.  Hopefully that e-mail will reach you shortly,
if not I'll send another copy today as a backup!

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>Subject: [Mailman-Users] Advice pls?
>Does the silence on the query below mean 
>A) you don't approve of the question
>B) it's a dumb question and I need to read a bit more?
>C) no-one can help
>I have read quite a bit about mailman and thought it was the solution
>however I'm pretty new to linux and am having troubles with getting it
>working/understanding the configuration.  As I'm under time pressure to
>get a solution, I was hoping a simple yes/ no answer would 
>help me on my
>way. thanks
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>From: Rob Hackney 
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>Subject: [Mailman-Users] Is Mailman suitable?
>I've been asked to look into mass emailing software for my company. At
>present, we use a 3rd party to send html formatted emails to subscribed
>users and also offer an unsub link. I did look at Lyris Listmanager
>which was good but far too expensive. I need the program to do the
>following: send out html formatted emails to a list of 
>subscribed users 
>disallow replies to the from email address. 
>create an auto unsub manage bounces/ non-deliverables
>I'd like to be able to track the messages tho this isn't strictly
>I have told my boss that I think postfix + mailman can do this (or at
>least the main parts)
>Am I right?  I've just installed mailman and am currently configuring
>and testing it but don't want to waste my time if it is not 
>suitable. My
>main concern is sending out the emails and making sure that this isn't
>an address to reply to. 
>One other thing:  this will need to work on a network which currently
>has an ms exch server handling out two domains; dom1.co.uk 
>dom2.co.uk It
>is vital that the email comes from newsletters at dom2.co.uk This is
>currently an exch mailbox. thanks
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