[Mailman-Users] Advice pls?

B. van Ouwerkerk bvo at atz.nl
Fri Apr 30 16:43:45 CEST 2004

At 15:15 30-04-2004 +0100, Rob Hackney wrote:
>Does the silence on the query below mean

You will probably find an answer if you search this lists archive or google.

>I have read quite a bit about mailman and thought it was the solution
>however I'm pretty new to linux and am having troubles with getting it
>working/understanding the configuration.  As I'm under time pressure to
>get a solution, I was hoping a simple yes/ no answer would help me on my
>way. thanks

Some time ago I mentioned on the SBSLIST that I didn't see mailman and 
exchange play nicely together but it seems to be possible.

>I'd like to be able to track the messages tho this isn't strictly

Not sure. Not even sure what you want. Add an ID to each message send out 
so that any customer reading your mail is recognized?

FWIW, sending the same question twice within a short time doesn't help in 
getting an answer quickly.


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