[Mailman-Users] New install issue: Line 107 / exception.OSError

Jeff Garvas jeff at cia.net
Tue Aug 3 16:57:22 CEST 2004

I apologize if this is already documented somewhere.  While I can find
lots of information about this error with other applications (and a 
different line number) I can't seem to find any information about
this with respect to mailman.  If I've missed a FAQ I'm just blind :)

I have mailman+qmail setup so all inbound email is forward to the qmail
helper python script via the user mailman.  List specific destinations
are stripped off the hypen (mailman-listname at lists.foo.com).

I've done this before without problems.  I'm upgrading to a new machine
and now everytime I mail "into" a list I get these strange errors in
the log: 

../qmail-send/@40000000410f9f6a2bcf436c.s:@40000000410f9ca62b9a21dc delivery 4558: deferral: exceptions.OSError_[Errno_2]_No_such_file_or_directory/Line_107/

../qmail-send/@40000000410f9f6a2bcf436c.s:@40000000410f9d0a26dd360c delivery 4589: deferral: exceptions.OSError_[Errno_2]_No_such_file_or_directory/Line_107/

../qmail-send/@40000000410f9f6a2bcf436c.s:@40000000410f9e37338a4c3c delivery 4627: failure: exceptions.OSError_[Errno_2]_No_such_file_or_directory/Line_107/I'm_not_going_to_try_again;_this_message_has_been_in_the_queue_too_long./

(note my queuelifetime is very very low right now).   Can someone point
me in the direction of what might be causing this ?  I do not see anything
in mailman/logs/error or smtp so I imagine this is never getting into

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated.  I'm running into a brick wall
trying to figure this out myself.

(Inbound mail comes into qmail and gets handed off to the user mailman, which
is redirecting the mail to the qmail script in the contrib directory.  The
values in that script at the top are defined...)


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