[Mailman-Users] Questions from a new user on a personalised web interface...

PeteBell pbgfx at mac.com
Fri Aug 6 10:10:10 CEST 2004


I am new to this - in fact, my list is no yet operative beyond mere 
testing with a handful of members.

I am trying to create my own personalised web interface for a new 
mailing list and so far some things have gone successfully and some 
others are proving difficult to do (I am a novice in both Mailing Lists 
AND webpage design!)  For reference: 
http://www.mactalk.org.uk/index.html  (but it's in early construction)!

I have trawled the Mailman FAQs for various solutions and some of these 
talk about altering Mailman config files.  How on earth does one go 
about doing this?  I am using an AppleMac, though my listhost uses 
Linux, I believe, so I am not really used to command line or terminal 
work. It's all totally greek to me and I need a step-by-step 
hand-holding guide to doing this, please. Can anyone help?

Also, I have successfully got a "subscribe" page working in my 
personalised web interface, using a form and action script, basically 
copied and pasted from the standard Mailman subscribe page, but how do 
I find what other cgi action scripts are available to me, in order to 
add further features? (Forgive me if this is totally basic, but we all 
have to learn somewhere (and personal computers weren't even invented 
when I was at school, so it's all a steep learning curve!)

Thanks in advance
Pete Bell, UK

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